Grisham will ensure that there are policies and procedures in place to minimise risk of abuse, bullying, and harassment and that staff use these in an effective manner. This includes appropriate risk assessment management for individuals in our service and support within appropriate numbers of staff for safe level staffing.

The company will ensure recruitment of staff with various skills mixes so as to carter for the wider needs of the services and to accomplish this through appropriate procedures that safeguard our service and clients. Grisham Limited will ensure staff are up to date with both their statutory and mandatory training that also cover In-house training on safeguarding issues and conflict management so as to ensure safe practice. The organisation will pay particular attention to drug management and administration, and infection control management issues to ensure safety for all. The policies that we operate will ensure that procedures for health and safety of both premises and equipment are given priority in our management process.

Staff will be encouraged to do staff development programmes so that they are up to date with current practices and maintain quality of life based on best available evidence. Thus we aim to:

  • Provide the right skilled employee for specific individualised and person centred service.
  • Regularly sample information about client feedback on our performance and build on the feedback.
  • Promoting reflective practice within the organisation and ensuring that the employees have a clear working knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

For those who use our services we ensure:

  • All care and support options, including benefits and risks involved are explained to the individual clients in a manner that is understandable to them and their representatives.
  • We promote rights and make reasonable adjustments to enable decision making and choice and develop people’s independence.

Grisham Limited will promote a positive relationship development with people we serve by ensuring that care and welfare, and nutritionals needs are being met. We will offer regular training on safeguarding vulnerable adults and children to ensure that staff are well equipped to deliver to care to everyone with respect and maintaining dignity at all times.

Through the recruitment process we will establish best practice guidance for the organisation to provide holistic care to clients will be aware that the service is centred om them rather than on the organisation needs. This also allows us to develop and identify their preferences through holistic assessments. Clients will be encouraged to report staff who do not treat patients with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. Where ever possible the clients will be informed of the availability of other services including advocacy services, palliative and other alternatives.

Grisham Limited will ensure that service users or clients served are involved in their care planning and feel that they are in control of the care and support they received. To ensure that we deliver service to meet needs, we will respond by providing staff and support whenever they are needed. We strive to give clients and their relative’s regular opportunity to make suggestions and comments, about the care they receive in a way that they will feel that their comments are acted on. We will support individualised care that is person centred and based on individual outcome needs that enable the clients to take part in social activities, education and work opportunities where ever possible. The service will deliver care and support needed as assessed in relation to client’s age, disability, gender identity, race, religion, belief and sexual orientations.

Grisham Limited will involve clients and staff in shaping the service to deliver an outcome oriented organisation. The company will promote a culture that allows staff and clients to question practice and encourage through policy implementation a facility to whistle blow and ability to raise concerns. We will establish a robust system that will strengthen communication through demonstrated good management and leadership by the registered manager. Overall all stakeholders that include staff, clients and their care network must feel that they can approach the management team. Staff will be encouraged to have the confidence to report any concerns they have about care that colleagues, carers and other professionals give. When this happens they are supported and their concerns are thoroughly investigated. We will establish systems to regularly monitor and assess the quality of care people receive.

Through training, staff deployed are expected to provide high standard of care at all times. Staff are expected to sign read, understand and sign the company’s policies and procedures before commencing work. Grisham Limited will encourage learning and innovation and will ensure high quality care is provided. The company will work in collaboration with other organisation within the care sector to promote accountability and integrity.